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Flexible Return

The Flexible Return Program is no longer available
Transition Back to School Plan in SD67
This plan is suited to families who wish to have their child return to in-class instruction but want more time and require a more gradual transition. Parents who identify the need for a gradual transition back to school will retain their school spot and receive the curriculum through print and/or online support. School staff will check in with families to see if re-entry is possible by early October. Ideally, students on this system should plan on returning to school by the end of the first term/quarter. 
Please contact your School Principal directly for information.
Transition Back to School Plan Elementary/Middle (Kindergarten – Grade 8)
This plan will be facilitated by a teacher and will involve providing the student with weekly correspondence with grade level literacy and numeracy learning activities for the parent to implement. This option is designed to be a transitional support until the student returns to in-class instruction.
Transition Back to School Plan Secondary (Grade 9 - 12)
To preserve student choice as best as possible and ensure learning cohorts could be created, secondary school courses have been organized in 10-week quarters with two classes at a time. Secondary students who select this transition plan will be given the opportunity to cross enroll into a distance learning course at ConnectEd. Students would not take their first two classes of the year in-class and would have the opportunity to return to classes at the start of each quarter. It is important for families to note that this decision will require students to speak with their school counsellor to review their course schedule.
Additional Information:
  • Parents can contact their school at any time if they have additional questions regarding their child’s education program, including orientation days on September 10 – 11.
  • SD 67’s District Restart Plan, including FAQ’s, can be found here.
  • Our District Website contains additional information, as well as links to our new SD 67 Facebook page and school websites.
  • Information regarding COVID-19, including COVID-19 self-assessment and resources can be found here.