Online Learning

Grades 10-12     Program Advisor: Sondra McGuire ([email protected]

Students in Grades 10 to 12 have the option of doing their entire educational program through ConnectEd or doing a blended learning  program.  With blended learning, a student can take some of their courses through one of the district schools and some with ConnectEd.  The majority of our Grade 10 to 12 students have a blended learning program.  ConnectEd  teachers have scheduled office hours at 324 Eckhardt Avenue. This building also serves as a space available for students to work at any time. We suggest that if there is a particular teacher that a student wants to see, that the student schedules an appointment with that teacher in advance. 
The majority of our courses are offered online through Moodle.  Students work through the courses at their own pace under the guidance of our subject area teachers.  Students are expected to hand in assignments on a regular basis and they are required to write their tests at ConnectEd, or in a teacher supervised learning environment.​

To register:

Students attending an SD67 high school wanting to take a blended program should meet with their school counsellor to register for DL courses.

Students wanting to attend full-time and not currently attending an SD67 school should phone our school secretary to make an apppointment to see our Program Advisor (250 770-7718).