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Adult Education

Graduated and non-graduated student over the age of 18

ConnectEd offers a variety of courses for the adult student.  Students register in our adult program for a variety of reasons. Some wish to upgrade courses or take courses required for post-secondary programs. Others wish to complete the requirements for graduation. 

The adult graduation program has been designed to enable adults, whose formal education has been interrupted, to reach a level of education identical with secondary graduation.  Graduation requirements include successful completion of five courses. 
To complete the Adult Graduation Programme, students (18 or older) must earn at least 20 credits (five qualifying courses - one must be a Language Arts 12 and one must be a Mathematics 11 or 12).

Provincial examinations are not required for the Adult Graduation Programme.

Students must meet ordinarily resident requirements in order to access our Distributed Learning courses.  Please see our Requirements for
Proof of Residency below.  Please contact our secretary for more detailed information.
Requirements for Proof of Residency This process assumes that the Student's Proof of Age has already been verified by the presentation of
one of the Ministry approved documents (i.e. birth certificate, passport, BC ID, etc).
In accordance with the School Act Section 82, Ministry of Education funding policy, and School District No. 67’s policies #300 and #305, a
student is eligible for a provincially funded education if the student, as well as the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) meet residency requirements. Students who are ordinarily resident in BC and whose parent or legal guardian is ordinarily resident in BC and who are enrolled in a
programme in School District No. 67 are eligible for Ministry funding 
In order to meet the ordinarily resident requirements, the parent or guardian of the student must produce sufficient evidence to meet the
criteria of “ordinarily resident”. If the parent or guardian of the student is unable to produce sufficient evidence to satisfy the school principal
that the parent or guardian and student are ordinarily resident, or if the principal is unsure if the evidence provided is sufficient, the student
should not be registered in the school and the principal should contact the board office for clarification.
Acceptable documentation for evidence that PARENT/GUARDIAN is “ordinarily resident”:
  • BC CareCard AND one item from the list of supporting documentation
            Provincial Driver's License
            Document indicating British Columbia resident (i.e. utility bill)
            Ownership of a dwelling or long-term lease or rental of a dwelling
            A current income tax return filed as a BC resident
Acceptable documentation for evidence that STUDENT is "ordinarily resident":       
  • BC CareCard
  • Provincial Driver's License
 If you are missing any of the above necessary documentation, please click on the highlighted links.
We also offer the regular graduation program which requires successful completion of at least 20 courses (80 credits) at Grades 10, 11 and 12.​
To register: Call our school secretary to make an appointment. 
Address: 324 Eckhardt Avenue E, Penticton, BC V2A 1Z2
Telephone: 250 770-7718