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Roles and Responsibilities

Roles of Student/Teacher/Parent

Role of Student who is enrolled in a DL (Distance Learning) course:


As a distance learning student at you will need to take an active approach to learning. The instructor will develop course content in a Moodle site in which the student will be responsible for learning the material. All students taking a distance learning course require proficiency in accessing the Internet and in sending/receiving e‐mail including attachments. Students must have internet access either at home or work or have access to a computer. It is expected that all students will actively log into the course and complete assignments on an on‐going basis. According to the BC Ministry of Education "LearnNowBC" website, Distance Learning student should be:

·    self motivated, self‐disciplined, enjoys the challenge, comfortable using a computer, communicates well,   prepared, flexible



Progress Reports:


As self-paced courses, Distributed Learning progress reports are available at any time through teacher contact.  Full time Distributed Learning Students will receive formal report cards during regular school term reporting periods.  Students taking a "blended course" option through ConnectEd's Distributed Learning program are able to access an updated report card at any time through their Moodle account by following these instructions:


Go to http://cedmoodle.sd67.bc.ca/ : log-in as student > choose course > course administration > grades.  If this is a paper-based course, please contact the teacher directly for your child's progress. 


Student Learning Plans:


During the intake process,  counsellors review graduation requirements with students.  All grade 10, 11 and 12 courses offered through ConnectEd's Distributed Learning program are used towards student's grad plan.  Full time students create a Student Learning Plan with the ConnectEd counselor.  Blended students have their graduation learning plan at their school of record. 


Role of Teacher in a DL course:


  • Teacher reviews the curriculum and develops assignments to promote understanding of the prescribed learning outcomes
  • Teacher is available by email, phone, or personal contact (teacher office hours are posted to the ConnectEd website) to support students through their course
  • Teacher is aware of individual student differences when designing course materials
  • Teacher provides prompt and accurate feedback to students to facilitate learning
  • Teacher communicates with student and parents



Role of Parent of student who is enrolled in a DL course:


Parents play a critical role with the success of students in any school setting. Distributed Learning (DL) courses place parents in a supervisory role that would be managed by a classroom teacher in the regular setting. There are key elements parents need to keep in mind when helping their children to be successful with courses that are completed at a distance. First, work with your child to maintain a regular schedule of working on DL courses. For example, a DL student could spend the morning working on DL if not enrolled in another school. If the student is enrolled at a regular school and supplementing their school timetable with DL courses, they could dedicate one hour per evening for DL and some time on the weekends.


A regular routine of working on DL significantly increases the odds that the student will successfully complete the course. Secondly, ensure that the student understands there will be no teacher or timetable reminding them to get the work done. Course success is achieved through the students own motivation. Self‐directed education is tough to get into when the student has been attending classes in a traditional setting.


Finally, speak to your child about the pros and cons of DL courses. Explain that it requires individual motivation, discipline, and commitment to be successful in these courses. Students will need to be willing to maintain regular contact with the assigned DL teacher and will need to be comfortable working in both an electronic and binder course format.


In order for students to keep their enrollment status in a course, they must be working on the course. This means that they need to submit their first assignment within three weeks of starting the course and continue to make positive progress through the term. If they are unable to do this, they will need to consult the DL counselor and revise their Student Learning Plan to better meet their needs.