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ConnectEd is a teacher-led Online Learning and Continuing Education Program which provides options for students who prefer to learn at home with the support of a parent or facilitator, or who require time-tabling flexibility. This program is available to students from K-12,  as well as adult students looking to upgrade or achieve high school / adult graduation.  ConnectEd offers an array of academic courses, as well as some elective options and can be started at various points throughout the year as that are delivered mainly online. 

If you are interested in registering for a ConnectEd course please contact the person indicated below: 

1. For SD 67 high school students wanting to cross enroll, please book an appointment with your home     school counselor to discuss if online learning is an appropriate learning option for you.  
2. For Adult Learners or K-12 student parents interested in the Home Learners Program, please contact our
Secretary at 250-770-7718 or [email protected] to set up an intake appointment.