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BC Residency Policy



This process assumes that the Student's Proof of Age has already been verified by the presentation of one of the Ministry approved documents (ie. Birth Certificate, Passport, BC Identification, etc.).


In accordance with the School Act Section 82, Ministry of Education funding policy, and School District No. 67's policies #300 and #305, a student is eligible for a provincially funded education if the student, as well as the parent(s) or legal guardian(s) meet residency requirements. Students who are ordinarily resident in BC and whose parent or legal guardian is ordinarily resident in BC and who are enrolled in a program in School District No. 67 are eligible for Ministry funding.


In order to meet the ordinarily resident requirements, the parent or guardian of the student must produce sufficient evidence to meet the criteria of "ordinarily resident". If the parent or guardian of the student is unable to produce sufficient evidence to satisfy the school principal that the parent or guardian and student are ordinarily resident, or if the principal is unsure if the evidence provided is sufficient, the student should not be registered in the school and the principal should contact the board office for clarification.




Acceptable documentation for evidence that PARENT/GUARDIAN is "ordinarily resident"

·     BCMSP (BC CareCard) coverage AND one item from the list of supporting documentation that follows; or

·     Valid BC Services Card (replacement for BC CareCard) AND one item from the list of supporting documentation that follows; or

·     Valid Interim BC Services Card or (up to February 15, 2013 only) proof of application for BC CareCard) AND three items from the list of supporting documentation that follows.


Supporting documentation for evidence that PARENT/GUARDIAN is "ordinarily resident" (address must match the address listed on the Student's Registration & Verification Form)

·     Provincial Driver's License

·     Document indicating British Columbia resident (ie. utility bill)

·     Proof of ownership of a dwelling or long‐term lease or rental of a dwelling

·     A current income tax return filed as a BC resident


Acceptable documentation for evidence that STUDENT is "ordinarily resident"

·     BCMSP (BC CareCard) coverage; or

·     Valid BC Services Card (replacement for BC CareCard)

·     Provincial Driver's License




Supporting documentation for evidence of LEGAL GUARDIANSHIP

·     Our district has added the requirement of an attestation by the student's Parent or Legal

Guardian right on the registration form, so it must be signed by the Parent or Legal

Guardian. (If anyone other than the student's parent or legal guardian comes in to register a

child (ie. an older sibling) we will allow that person to fill out the registration form, register the child as usual and after copying the registration form and all other documentation for our records, send the original form home for the parent/legal guardian's signature.)

·     If parent is not available, a court order is required to verify legal guardianship.


Student files must contain copies of the documentation used to support proof of age and residency. The

evidence retained must be available for the Ministry of Education auditors upon request.